2020 and Beyond: Technology and the Next Decade of Fitness and Wellbeing

Bryan O'Rourke  Executive, Board Director, Advisor, Keynote Speaker and Author

The past decade in the fitness and wellbeing industry has seen dramatic growth and incredible change. As 2020 approaches what will the next decade be like? What will drive change and how will that change create opportunities and threats? How can and will brands compete as we approach the next decade? Thought leader, investor, executive, and author Bryan O'Rourke will share his views on trends and help make sense of the present and future as the next decade approaches.

Key Topics

  • The current state of the industry
  • What is driving change
  • Opportunities for the future
  • Threats that are emerging
  • Strategies to compete

About Bryan O'Rourke

Bryan O'Rourke is a 22 year veteran of the health club industry. He is considered by many to be one of the leading thinkers on consumer, technology, and business trends in the wellbeing and fitness sector. 

Along with his partners and colleagues, Bryan is directly involved in 14 companies. His firm Vedere Ventures has invested in technology and fitness businesses in Europe, Asia and the Americas which include Motosumo, VertiMax, EcoFit Networks, Fitness 24 Seven Thailand, Gold's Gym Houston, and Textey, among others. His firm Moon Mission Media delivers marketing resources to some of the leading domestic and global brands in the fitness space. His firm Integerus Advisors has guided top fitness brands on M&A, technology, strategy, business development, organizational design, and finance. As an author Bryan has contributed to six published books on industry trends in Europe and the US. He has also published over one hundred articles and reports. As an expert Bryan has been quoted in periodicals like the Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, the New York Times, and Entrepreneur Magazine, among others. He has spoken at more than 75 industry events across four continents in the past decade as a keynote speaker. His Fitness + Technology podcast has been listened to around the world by hundreds of thousands of professionals. His roles include serving as President of the non-profit Fitness Industry Technology Council, CEO and director for many of his companies, and he also serves on the board of directors for IHRSA. He has previously served on the American Council on Exercise's industry advisory council and on the Medical Fitness Association's education committee as chairman. 

Bryan has a masters degree in business, with an undergraduate in finance. He conducted post graduate studies for a Ph.D. in finance and has attended Harvard University for continuing professional studies on strategy.

As a cancer survivor Bryan and his wife Maureen have made many contributions to various causes surrounding cancer. He and his partners have also supported charitable causes helping children and the less fortunate. 

You can follow him @BryanKORourke on most major digital platforms or visit www.BryankORourke.com to learn more.